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We are always excited when our clients receive their desired outcome. Check out our results page for recent case outcomes for our business and individual clients.

Raleigh Business Litigation Lawyers

The firm represents start-ups, growing small-businesses, and multi-million dollar companies and will be there as your company transitions between these statuses. We can act as general counsel or be your trial lawyer for a large breach of contract civil litigation.

Apex Auto Accident Lawyers

Maginnis Law can help with your personal injury claim. The firm handles auto accident, motorcycle, and pedestrian claims, as well as others. We can walk you through the claims process while you obtain treatment, locate applicable insurance coverage and, if necessary, file a lawsuit to protect your rights.

Wake County Construction Attorney

Maginnis Law represents developers, builders, contractors, subs, and homeowners in residential and commercial construction litigation disputes. We handle change-order contracts, liens, construction defects, and more

North Carolina Unfair Debt Collection - FDCPA Attorneys

We represent individuals who have been subjected to unfair debt collection efforts by creditors. This includes individuals being charged with incorrect amounts or inaccurate charges and having items improperly placed on their credit reports.

Cary Wage and Hour/Overtime Attorneys

The firm represents employers and employees dealing with wage issues including failure to make timely wage payments, overtime issues, and unemployment appeals.

Wake Forest Insurance Coverage Lawyers

Maginnis Law represents individuals and businesses who have been denied insurance coverage by their insurers. The firm handles property damages cases, liability coverage cases, D&O and E&O Policies, as well as others.

Morrisville Commercial Debt Collection Lawyer

Businesses selling, lending, or supplying to customers must ensure that their goods and services are fully paid for. Maginnis Law can assist with preemptive contract drafting and any necessary civil litigation to recover money owed.

Welcome to Maginnis Law, PLLC.  Thank you for visiting our website.  In 2009, I moved my practice to Raleigh, North Carolina, having previously practiced as a trial lawyer in corporate and business law for law firms in Washington D.C.  Since the move to Raleigh, our civil attorneys have had the opportunity to represent hundreds of businesses and individuals in civil litigation matters, including contract and business law, construction law, personal injury, unfair debt collection and FDCPA litigation, insurance coverage, landlord tenant, family law, and many other civil disputes.  Thanks to all of our valued clients who have trusted us with their matters to date and referred clients who were looking for a Raleigh civil lawyer.  If you have a civil matter that requires a trial attorney, we can likely help.

The firm is available to take cases in Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Morrisville, Wake Forest and the rest of the Research Triangle area.  For select cases I am also licensed to practice law in Virginia and Washington, D.C., and I can address federal cases.

We look forward to talking with you privately about your legal needs.  I realize that anyone looking for legal advice expects to find a high level of confidentiality, along with skilled advice and representation, from their lawyer, whether they represent the defense or the plaintiffs.  You can trust and count on me to keep your legal issues completely protected, private, and professionally handled.

A positive aspect of Maginnis Law is the first-rate legal advice and representation while still working efficiently and cost-effectively for our clients through some of the following measures:

  • Efficient and Appropriate Protection of your Rights: We can occasionally achieve a settlement for a problem in your favor prior to trial through negotiations with the other party on your behalf and convincing them to resolve the case amicably.  I am a big proponent of settlement through legal mediation and conflict dispute resolution and find that it is often the best method to resolve issues, particularly with business contract disputes, vendors, or collections work.  However, if need be, we are trial lawyers, first and foremost. I have significant court experience through all aspects of the litigation process, including jury trials, and if it is necessary and appropriate for your case to do so, we will go to trial and fight to protect your rights. I will take cases to trial that arise in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Wake Forest or the rest of Wake County, as well as in the surrounding Triangle area.  Look at our results page to see some recent outcomes through settlement, judgment, or trial.
  • Every client of Maginnis Law gets personal contact from our attorneys, which ensures the highest quality of legal services for your case.  I supervise every case in my firm and am available to my clients constantly. Other firms, particularly personal injury and debt collection attorneys, have clients primarily deal with paralegals or other staff members, at Maginnis Law, you will have direct contact with a Raleigh civil attorney.
  • More success and value for a lower fee: Generally, you should be wary of lawyers who charge “bargain-basement” rates.  These law-firms often seek to turn cases over on volume — and likely will not be able to spend the time and personal attention required to resolve your case effectively.  Every case is complicated and there are rarely quick solutions when you are dealing with litigation.  But at Maginnis Law, we are able to give you that time and personal attention.  As the firm itself is a small business, the firm keeps costs and overhead down; rather than cutting corners, our efficiency allows Maginnis Law to keep rates for our small business clients relatively low.  For certain cases, particularly personal injury and unfair debt collection/FDCPA cases we are also able to take cases on contingency or can find creative ways to be flexible with our rates. Even though you receive top-quality legal work and attention to your case along with unmatched personal service, the firm’s legal fees are lower than most lawyers in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, or Wake Forest.

The lawyers of Maginnis Law have experience and currently accept legal clients and cases in the following areas:

  • Construction Law
  • Business Law and Business Litigation
  • Contract Disputes
  • Personal Injury
  • Collections work, particularly with vendors or customers
  • Insurance coverage
  • Employer/Employee disputes
  • Unfair Debt Collection and Violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (
    “FDCPA”), North Carolina Debt Collection Act, and North Carolina Collection Agency Act
  • Workers Compensation (Employer or Employee)
  • Family Law
  • Violations of Local, State, Federal (U.S.) Law
  • Government Contracts
  • Franchise Law
  • Consumer Protection

Best wishes for your legal success, and I look forward to talking with you.

Ed Maginnis
Attorney at Law
Maginnis Law, PLLC

Maginnis Law serves the geographical area of the Triangle in North Carolina, including the cities/areas  Raleigh,  RTP,  Cary,  Chapel Hill,  Apex,  Holly Springs, Morrisville, and Wake Forest.


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