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Covid 19 legal issues

Due to COVID-19 and the impact it will have on consumers financially, businesses, banks and corporations have announced measures to help those impacted the most.

Our firm will be contentiously investigating to make sure these companies follow through and do what they say in order to help their customers during this difficult time.

  1. Energy Companies Claim to Protect Customers During Pandemic

  2. Health Insurance Companies Claim to Protect Customers During Pandemic

  3. Internet & Cellular Providers Claim to Protect Customers During Pandemic

  4. Banks Claim to Protect Customers During Pandemic

  5. Airlines Claim to Waive Fees During Pandemic

  6. Student Loan Providers During Pandemic

  7. Evictions Put On Hold Due to Pandemic 

  8. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Expands Its Hours of Service Exemptions During Pandemic

  9. Health Care Power of Attorney Lawyer in Raleigh 

  10. Mortgage Companies Offer Help to Their Borrowers 

  11. Credit Reporting Protection During COVID-19 Pandemic

  12. Employee Rights Update: COVID-19

  13. Paid Time Off During COVID-19 Pandemic

  14. Price Gouging Laws Are In Effect

  15. Auto-Insurance Companies Announce Measures to Help Customers 

  16. Student Loan Wage Garnishments During COVID-19

  17. Severance Agreement Reviews During COVID-19 Pandemic

  18. Three Free Weekly Credit Reports For a Year

  19. Federal Trade Commission Response to Resident Stimulus Checks

  20. Health Care Power of Attorney and Durable Power of Attorney

As the pandemic situation changes day-to-day, we will continue to update this page with the newest information regarding consumer protection.

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