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Maginnis Law: Representative Matters

$75,000.00 Settlement in Commercial Litigation Collection Dispute

Maginnis Law represented an international commercial bank in a dispute with a debtor in the Federal Eastern District of North Carolina courts. Our client agreed to a settlement of $75,000.00 in the matter

$150,000.00 Lawsuit Dismissed Against Individual Owners of Bar/Restaurant

The firm represented two business owners of a bar/restaurant who had been sued personally for at least $150,000.00 in damages resulting from an alleged unauthorized airing of a pay-per-view boxing/UFC event. The firm obtained a dismissal from personal liability of the owners in a ruling by the federal United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina

$250,000 Settlement in Tortious Interference and Business Dissolution Matter

Maginnis Law represented an individual in the North Carolina Business Court who had accused his employers and partners in an LLC of interfering with a separate business contract. Maginnis Law obtained a $250,000 settlement in the matter.

Construction Law Architect Representaton

$96,961.37 Judgment Obtained in Construction Law Commercial Litigation Matter

Maginnis Law, PLLC filed suit and obtained a judgment for $96,961.37 against a commercial developer on behalf of a Raleigh architecture firm subcontractor. The builder had not paid their architect for work done on a residential/commercial project on an AIA contract.

Judgment at Trial for Defendant in Wage and Hour Litigation

We represented a Raleigh media company in a suit brought by two ex-employees/owners. These employees asked for at least $75,000 and attorney fees in their Wage and Hour and Non-Compete claims. After a jury trial, it was determined that our client owed nothing to the Plaintiffs.

Agreed-Upon Dismissal in $282,485.43 Construction Law Matter

Maginnis Law represented a Raleigh plumbing contractor in a construction law dispute with its supplier. After the filing of a counterclaim and mediation in the matter, the Plaintiff supplier agreed to dismiss their claims against the contractor.

Construction Home Owner Dispute

Maginnis Law represented a homeowner against her general contractor in a dispute after tornado and hurricane damage to her home. Maginnis Law obtained a judgment in the amount of $54,200.00 against the contractor for breach of contract and breach of warranty.

Settlement of $84,000 Plus Future Profits in Business Breach of Contract Dispute

Maginnis Law represented a Raleigh independent contractor in a dispute over improper payment of his commissions from previous sales. Our client agreed to a settlement of $84,000 plus future profits payments on all of his sales.

Builder Developer Commercial Litigation

We represented a Cary developer in a dispute with a sub-contractor. The sub-contractor had demanded $89,133.83 plus attorney fees in their Complaint. We obtained a settlement for our developer client where the client paid zero dollars but promised to consider them for future builder work.

Settlement Reached in Restaurant LLC Owner Dispute

Our client, a profitable Morrisville Restaurant, had been sued for damages of $100,000.00 by a minority owner. We reached a settlement where our client bought out the interest of the other owner for his original buy-in amount with no payment for profits.

(see also Individual Law, Personal Law)

Maginnis Law represents a variety of businesses, from single-member Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) to multi-million dollar S-Corporations.  For each company, no matter how small or large, we work to assist your business with legal issues relating to steady, smart growth as well as providing first-class experienced representation in civil and commercial litigation disputes with other companies, vendors, employees, sub-contractors, customers, government entities and other parties.

The firm strives to be flexible in working with its business clients to set an appropriate fee structure that reflects the needs of each individual matter. The proper way for attorneys to keep their rates low is through technology, reduced overhead and costs, not through handling cases on volume.  Every case is its own individual matter and has its own complex issues.  Be just as wary of bargain-basement rates for lawyers as you are for overly expensive large corporate law firms.

While some matters are best litigated using the traditional hourly rate model, Maginnis Law also can provide fee estimates on a flat fee basis; this allows clients to have certainty in how much certain litigation matters will cost.  The firm also represents a number of clients in a “general counsel” capacity; that is, instead of hiring an in-house lawyer for your business, Maginnis Law can provide legal representation for all of your company’s needs for a single monthly retainer rate.

We have experience and handle matters in the following business civil law areas.  Click on the links below to go to the firm’s page for each area of business law.




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