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Raleigh North Carolina Prescription Medication Error and Pharmaceutical Mislabeling Malpractice Lawyers

Modern advances in prescription medicine have saved lives and cured diseases once thought incurable. However, despite these advances, sometimes the wrong drug or wrong dosage is given to a patient, and when patients are prescribed the wrong medication or given an improper dosage, the consequences of these medical mistakes are devastating. Sometimes they are fatal, which can result in complex wrongful death litigation.  If you have been given “bad medicine” as the result of pharmaceutical malpractice or prescription mislabeling in North Carolina, you may be entitled to personal injury compensation.  The pharmaceutical error attorneys of Maginnis Law can help.







Prescription Medication Errors

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration defines a medication error as “any preventable event that may cause or lead to inappropriate medication use or patient harm while the medication is in the control of the healthcare professional, patient, or consumer.”   The number of medication errors in the U.S. may exceed 100,000 each year.  Many of these prescription errors are caused by medical negligence, and/or pharmaceutical malpractice.

Who is liable for medication errors and mislabeled prescription medicines?

You may be wondering, under North Carolina law, who do I sue for the harm I have suffered? Is the doctor or pharmacist liable? Is the hospital liable? What about the drug companies? The answer is, it depends.  This is because prescription mislabeling, and other medication errors can occur at many different points in the drug development and patient treatment processes.

For example, doctors may ignore a patient’s medical records and prescribe medicine that the patient is allergic to (drug allergies & adverse drug reactions).   A nurse may administer the wrong medication or an improper dosage because they failed to read the patient file (dispensing errors). A pharmacist may forget to advise her patients of the known negative side effects or potential complications of a medication of a drug (pharmacist malpractice suit). Or, a pharmacist may fail to advise a patient that the combined effect and interaction of different drugs the patient is taking can create a potentially deadly combination (i.e. a risky prescription cocktail). In North Carolina, a drug company can be held liable because they marketed a particular drug without providing an adequate warning of the known negative side effects (products liability & failure to warn).  You can also sue a pharmaceutical company if it disregarded the dangerous side effects of drug in a hurried effort to a drug on the market. As you can see, determining who is responsible for the error is not always easy.  This NC attorneys of Maginnis Law can advise you in investigating and determining who is liable in your situation.

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