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North Carolina Credit Repair Attorneys Assisting With Debt On Credit Report That Is Not Yours

Did you spot a debt on your credit report that is not yours? Is it keeping you from getting financing for a house, car, or other credit purchase? If you have debt on your credit report that is not yours – or other inaccuracies on your credit report – our consumer protection lawyers can assist you in clearing up the credit report and recovering compensation for any harm that has resulted in from the incorrect information on your report.

If you have been attempting to work something out with the creditor listed, you may not know that you have no ability to file a lawsuit to protect your credit rights until you have filed a formal dispute with one of the big three credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Once you have filed a dispute informing the credit bureaus that the debt is not yours, the credit bureau will ask the creditor to “verify” the debt. If they have verified a debt incorrectly – and this is VERY common – you may have rights under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act to ensure that the errors are fixed and you are made whole from their mistakes.

While some firms claim to be “credit repair” lawyers, a lot of them have never gone to trial, or even filed a lawsuit. Take a look at our main page and/or our results page to see results from Fair Credit Reporting Act matters in our firm as well as other consumer protection cases. If you are using an app or service provided by a bank to monitor your credit, you should also get your full and complete credit report ((available for free at to see which credit bureaus are reporting the debt incorrectly.

While our office is in Raleigh, our firm handles cases all over the state. We recently received confidential six-figure settlements for cases pending in Statesville and Asheville, and have cases pending currently in all three North Carolina federal courts. If you cannot come to our office, we are happy to work with you over the phone and electronically until we get a chance to meet in person.

While it may be surprising that lawyers take these cases, we actually take them and take them at no cost to you. We are paid on a contingency basis, meaning we only get paid if we recover funds for you. We get great satisfaction from taking on the big corporations who beat up on the little guy and would love to help you in dealing with this debt on your credit report that is not yours. You can email us at or visit our contact page to schedule a time to speak with one of our lawyers. We look forward to helping you.

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