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How To Get A Debt Collector To Stop Calling – Rely On The Telephone Consumer Protection Act

While most web pages addressing how to get a debt collector to stop calling focus on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, federal law provides an additional weapon for consumers to stop them from being harassed mercilessly with phone calls. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act requires any debt collector who uses an automatic dialing system/ATDS (as most debt collectors use) to refrain from calling cell phones (where most people receive calls) if the customer has simply requested that the debt collector stop calling. If a debt collector continues to violate the TCPA after a revocation of consent, the consumer can recover between $500 – $1500 for every call that the debt collectors continue to make to your cell phone. 

Recently, Maginnis Law represented a Durham resident who had recorded her conversation with a debt collector where she requested that the collector stop its harassing phone calls. She was called hundreds of times over a thirty dollar bill. Our client was able to recover a six figure confidential settlement from the debt collector.

Consumer Protection Firm Assisting with Telephone Consumer Protection Act claims.

This year, our firm also represented a Raleigh individual who had a similar problem – a debt collector calling repeatedly after he had requested that the calls stop. Our client informed the corporation that they would pay when they could but to just please stop calling. Our client also recovered a six figure confidential settlement in return for the debt collector’s TCPA violation.

If the debt collectors are not calling you on your cell phone, the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act also requires collection agencies to refrain from calling if they’ve been instructed to do so in writing. Here is a link to a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau article addressing how to get a debt collector to stop calling you if the call is not to the cell phone or not made with an automatic dialing system. Here’s another from the Federal Trade Commission. Our firm also handles issues under the FDCPA and related North Carolina consumer protection statutes.

If you have informed a debt collector not to call you on your cell phone, and the calls continue, contact our firm at 919.526.0450 or visit our contact page to submit an online inquiry.  Our firm represents consumers in North Carolina (and elsewhere) who simply  want corporations to follow the law. How to get a debt collector to stop calling? Just tell them to stop. And if they don’t, contact our firm for a free case evaluation.