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Wake County Claim and Delivery Commercial Collection Attorneys

Commercial Creditors who are seeking to recover their own property or property that they have a security interest in often will have to spend valuable time and resources in attempting to collect the property or the money value from their commercial debtors. For retail debt collection, the process is even more difficult.  North Carolina does recognize the theory of replevin, or claim and delivery.  Claim and delivery allows creditors engaging in debt collection litigation to use the civil court process such that the property of the debtor can be seized prior to obtaining a judgment.  Contact the law firm of Maginnis Law, PLLC at 919.526.0450, or visit our contact page here  for information regarding claim and delivery proceedings or any other commercial or retail debt collection civil litigation.

Claim and delivery proceedings are used in connection with a lawsuit for damages or that attempts to recover personal property.  Claim and delivery hearings cannot be done instead of a civil lawsuit for damages – the request for claim and delivery is done as part of the filed complaint – but it can be a valuable resource to recover property now, as opposed to after a judgment has been obtained; which can sometimes take over a year.  It also cannot be used for real property.

Claim and delivery is often a substitute for a failed repossession effort. If the repo man is unsuccessful, an order on a claim and delivery would allow the sheriff to use additional efforts for which repo men are not allowed to utilize under the law.

Contact the business litigation law firm of Maginnis Law, PLLC at 919.526.0450 or visit our contact page  here.  Maginnis Law is a Raleigh civil litigation firm with commercial litigation attorneys handling matters in Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, and the rest of Wake and Chatham Counties.  Our firm only handles claim and delivery and debt collection issues associated with executions on judgments and in business to business transactions. We do not handle debt collection on consumer debt. Contact the firm for issues relating to a claim and delivery or any other retail debt collection issues.