Protections for Minority Owners/Shareholders of Corporations in North Carolina

August 15, 2011

A common problem in close corporations or small 2-3 member LLCs is what happens if there is a dispute between the shareholders.  A common misconception is that majority ownership allows owners to do whatever they want with “their” company and that everyone else is along for the ride.  It would appear that a minority shareholder would have very few rights to keep a majority shareholder from altering the business plan of the company and running the business into the ground using their 51% stake.  Fortunately, there are some protections under North Carolina law for minority owners.

North Carolina law allows a minority shareholder to bring a lawsuit that could allow a Court to order the dissolution and sale of the company assets or a forced buy-out of the minority shareholder in order to protect the rights of an individual in a close-corporation.  If the minority shareholder can prove that they had reasonable expectations that were known or assumed by other shareholders, that those expectations had been frustrated, that these frustrated expectations were out of the shareholder’s control, and that the specific circumstances of the company require equitable relief from the Court, a minority shareholder can gain protection for their investment from the control of the majority ownership.

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