North Carolina Deficiency Judgment Debt Collection Lawyer

August 29, 2011

In North Carolina, commercial debt collectors are entitled to pursue deficiency judgments after a foreclosure on real property.  However, these types of lawsuits are much more complicated than a standard money-owed debt collection suit.  Contact Maginnis Law, PLLC at 919.526.0450 to speak with a Raleigh debt collection attorney to discuss deficiency judgment litigation if you are a homeowner, note holder, or former seller/developer who has been brought in as a third-party defendant. Read more

Cary Car Accident Attorney and Personal Injury Lawyer

August 29, 2011

Whether you have been involved in a truck, motorcycle, or car accident, you have likely sustained painful and costly personal injuries.  If your automobile collision was caused by the negligence of another driver, you are entitled to fair compensation for those injuries.  Recovering that compensation from aggressive, pushy insurance adjusters is more easily said than done.  Hiring a car accident personal injury attorney to represent your interests not only eliminates the stress of dealing with insurance adjusters but, in many cases, will lead to a more comprehensive financial recovery.  If you are interested in legal representation, you may reach the Cary car accident personal injury attorneys of Maginnis Law, PLLC at 919.480.8526.  You may also submit a new case inquiry through our firm’s contact page. Read more

Raleigh Car Accident Attorney and Personal Injury Lawyer

August 23, 2011

A car accident can be one of the most traumatic experiences in a person’s life.  Dealing with an at-fault driver’s pushy automobile insurance company is often as difficult as the physical recovery itself.  To ease the stress caused by negotiating with the insurance company, and to increase your chances of recovering fair compensation, your first step following a Raleigh automobile accident should be contacting a knowledgeable personal injury attorney.   The civil litigation lawyers of Maginnis Law, PLLC work closely with their car accident personal injury clients to ensure informed, skillful negotiation and litigation of their claims.  You may reach one of our personal injury attorneys by calling 919.480.8526 or by submitting new case inquiry through our contact page. Read more

Recovering Medical Costs and Expenses Following a North Carolina Car Accident After House Bill 542.

August 22, 2011

Medical treatment following a North Carolina car accident often includes an initial emergency room visit and countless appointments with specialists and physical therapists. The costs associated with this treatment can become overwhelming.  Even if you have health insurance, the co-pays and deductibles can run several hundred dollars a month.  If you do not have health insurance, the result of a car accident can be financially ruinous.  The Raleigh car accident personal injury attorneys of Maginnis Law, PLLC can help you recover the full costs of your medical treatment, as well as, damages such as pain and suffering and lost wage earning capacity. Read more

Draws, Loans, Salaries in North Carolina Commission Based Employees

August 19, 2011

North Carolina employers often pay sales employees via commission only.  Alternatively, business owners may seek to advance funds to the employee until the employee starts accumulating commissions. Often, employers will refer to this as a draw or a loan.  Employees may think of this as their salary.  There are important legal issues stemming from that determination for Raleigh business owners. Read more

Raleigh Debt Collection Claims Against Creditors for Failure to Secure Required Permits

August 17, 2011

When speaking with a Raleigh bankruptcy attorney or debt relief specialist, a debtor will first be asked to list his assets and identify amounts sought by creditors and collection agencies on their credit report.  In North Carolina, it is possible that those potential liabilties can actually be an asset that debtors can use to assist them in their recovery from the economic turmoil of the past few years. Read more

Chapel Hill Personal Injury Car Accident Lawyer

August 17, 2011

The car accident lawyers of Maginnis Law, PLLC are experienced in representing Chapel Hill, North Carolina residents, including students and professors of the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.  Associate attorney Shawn Howard is familiar with the Chapel Hill area, having attended UNC – Chapel Hill for both his undergraduate and law degrees.  Our car accident civil litigation lawyers will work closely with you to obtain full compensation for the disruption and pain caused by the at-fault driver’s negligence. Read more

Apex Car Accident Personal Injury Attorney

August 16, 2011

A car accident can have a devastating impact upon you and your family.   Even if you have health insurance, the co-pays, lost income, and pain and suffering can cause great disruption to your life.  If your car accident occurred in or around Apex, North Carolina, the attorneys of Maginnis Law, PLLC can help you recover fair compensation.  Our lawyers regularly handle cases from Apex, and can assist in every step of the car accident personal injury claim process. Read more

Protections for Minority Owners/Shareholders of Corporations in North Carolina

August 15, 2011

A common problem in close corporations or small 2-3 member LLCs is what happens if there is a dispute between the shareholders.  A common misconception is that majority ownership allows owners to do whatever they want with “their” company and that everyone else is along for the ride.  It would appear that a minority shareholder would have very few rights to keep a majority shareholder from altering the business plan of the company and running the business into the ground using their 51% stake.  Fortunately, there are some protections under North Carolina law for minority owners. Read more

Recovering Compensation for Personal Injury Caused by Inadequate Security

August 15, 2011

In North Carolina, business and land owners can be held responsible for criminal conduct that occurs on their property if they negligently fail to make the property secure.  A person injured by such criminal conduct is entitled to full personal injury damages from the business or land owner under North Carolina’s “premises liability law.”  The ability to recover directly from the land or business owner is an important right, because most criminals do not have the assets to compensate the injury victim.  If you have been injured because of a business or land owner’s negligence in failing to provide adequate security, the civil litigation attorneys of Maginnis Law, PLLC can help you recover the fair compensation to which you are entitled. Read more

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