Contributory Negligence Holds on for Dear Life in NC

June 30, 2010

As this is a blog about North Carolina law, it probably makes sense to talk occasionally about issues which are different in North Carolina from most states. For example, North Carolina is one of the few states which states that if an individual is injured via the actions of a negligent defendant; that individual can be completely barred from recovery if the defendant can establish that the individual was in anyway negligent in their own way. Read more

Defaming Comments About Businesses

June 29, 2010

I’ve gotten some comments about the last blog on defamation, attached here, and my reference to whether or not comments could be treated as per se damaging. Apparently some people have been waiting by the computer, desperately hoping to find out these circumstances. Well, wait no longer friends. Read more

Internet Trolls Beware … You Are Not Alone

June 28, 2010

Perhaps unfortunately for me, my website and blog have my name, picture, and even my dog’s name, so it’s not exactly a forum for me to act anonymously. So, mailman who keeps leaving my mail on our fence instead of in the mailbox, you can rest easy; no attack on a blog for you. However, a growing problem for business owners is that they are being attacked anonymously on various “whistle blower” message boards or through phantom email accounts – it is incredibly easy to get a gmail account these days. There are two questions for business owners to ask regarding these anonymous posters: 1) Is this an actionable claim; 2) Can I track these people down? Read more

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